Who is the tax lawyer? What does he do? How to find a competent one?

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First of all it must be pointed out that a tax lawyer is not an accountant. The accountant deals essentially with tax assistance to your company. They keep the accounting, compile the tax returns and assist the tax payer in dealing with the tax authorities. But the tax lawyer Toronto deals with the technical defense of tax that protects the interests of the taxpayer in court. Moreover, the tax lawyerunlike the technical tax lawyer can assist and protect the tax payer not only in the administrative setting but also in the tax criminal trial. Therefore, you must distinguish the figure of the tax lawyer with the figure of the tax technical defender. The tax technician can in fact assist the tax payer at all stages of the procedure and the administrative process. Only a tax lawyer can defend the tax payer in the tax court proceedings.

How to choose the right defender?

If you want to challenge a tax act that is to appeal against a penalty or a tax you can turn to a technical defender. The technical defender can only lend his defense before the Tax Commissions. The tax lawyer on the other hand can not only lend the defense to the Tax Commissions but can also assist the tax payer in any criminal proceedings.You can say that if you receive a notice of assessment by the Inland Revenue department or an invitation to pay a tax then it will be enough the assistance of a technical defender. There will be no need of a tax lawyer.On the other hand if you have been sued for committing a tax offense, for having issued false invoices to allow third parties to escape then only the assistance in the criminal proceedings can be carried out only by a tax lawyer. The tax lawyer has obtained a degree in Law and as well as all other lawyers. To practice the profession they must necessarily enroll in the register of lawyers after passing the state.

Conclusion: How to choose a good tax lawyer?

In order to be able to choose the best tax lawyer it is necessary to set up a preventive contact, also through the internet and with lawyers who have expertise in tax matters. It is important to ask them what causes they have previously dealt with whether they have specific experience with the cause that concern you or similar causes, if they follow periodic refresher courses and / or training courses in tax matters.Since there are different figures of tax defender it is not always easy for the layman of the subject to choose the right one.