Benefits of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP)

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The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is one of the nominee programs of federal skilled worker, which provide you the way to migrate to Canada. Under this program, federal government invites non-Canadians applicants to live and work in Saskatchewan for obtaining Permanent Residency of Canada. All candidates must apply for residency through Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Canadian Immigration Commission. Immigration Lawyers Brampton have been recognizing for its best immigration assistance for the last fifteen years. Some of the potential benefits of SINP are rationalized further.

  • Assistance from provincial immigration officers

The SINP offers the applicants a Competitive application processing times as well as guidance from provincial immigration officers. They are available to justify all program requirements and processes. When an applicant successfully applies for permanent resident status with IRCC, the Saskatchewan government makes the final decision on SINP nominations and applicant will be identified as SINP nominee.

You should apply to Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program if you are eligible to meet the program criteria. But, always ensure that you accurately complete the application form and provide valid documentation. This is an effective program because; the SINP accepts a maximum number of applicants in each class every year.

  • SINP do not work with agencies or representatives

The SINP works through Canadian government embassies and consulates throughout the world and any agencies or representatives cannot provide any assistance for SINP. As a candidate, you can get assistance from an immigration consultant, however remind that no immigration consultant has or will be allocated for the immigrant quota from the Province of Saskatchewan.

  • Low Minimum IELTS Requirement

If, you want to apply for SINP, the IELTS requirement is quite low as compared to other nominee programs. You just need to score 3.5 in Reading, 4 in writing, 4.5 in listening and 4 in speaking.

How to Apply

You can choose one of three SINP categories while you have to complete the federal application forms.

Create your account under SINP and complete your application form carefully. Submit all the Supporting Documents and complete the other forms they ask from you. Lastly, review and organize your completed forms and supporting documents before final submission.