2 Steps For Protecting Your Patent Internationally

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As a business owner, you’re excited to unveil your creation to the world, but there are some legal precautions you need to take before doing so. The last thing you want is to see clones of your invention on the market before you can do so yourself.

Patent laws are put in place to protect inventors, but only when the creators intentionally take full advantage of them. It might be easier to acquire a patent in your country, but you might also need to protect yourself internationally. Here are some steps you should take.

Seek Competent Legal Counsel

Law might not be your field of expertise, and patent law can be especially tricky if not handled delicately. It is highly advised that you seek legal counsel before making knowledge of your invention public.

If you do not know where to find a lawyer you can trust for international litigation, you can start here. You can expect a knowledgeable legal representative to bring you up to speed on what qualifies as a patent. They’ll look at what you have and be frank about your chances of landing a patent at home and abroad.

Apply for Patents at the Relevant Foreign Bodies

Treaties like the Paris Convention and the Patent Cooperation Treaty give you a workable amount of time to register for a patent across different countries. These treaties cover you during this time, preventing other inventors from refuting your claim on a patent as you register in different countries.

Be aware of these laws put in place for your good and take full advantage of them while you can. Remember that successfully registering for a patent in your home country doesn’t protect you across borders.

If you want total protection, list the countries you want your patent to reflect in and sign up for each. This could take some time, but good legal counsel will help you every step of the way.


Don’t let your hard work go to waste by being complacent once your invention is operational. You need to protect yourself and your idea by applying for patents where relevant, both at home and overseas. It will be harrowing but well worth knowing you are covered.