Common Nursing Home Neglect and the Law

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The residents of a nursing home entirely depend on the services of the caregivers for their day to day needs primarily because of their fragility. In their state, it is very easy for them to be taken advantage of calling for the need of you as a loved one to be ever conscious of their well-being. Most caregivers have wrongly taken the vulnerability of the persons in a nursing home to subject them to exploitation and abuse. The best part is that the sad state in which a significant percentage of the elderly in these facilities are subject to can be addressed legally since there are laws in place for the aging population.

Defined broadly elderly abuse refers to the intentional subjection of an aged adult who is under the care of a facility or specified individual to physical, mental, sexual, or verbal abuse. These broad categories contain different factors which can amount to abuse or neglect making the caregiver and facility liable for compensations. As the trusted person whom the older adult trusts there are ways to instantly determine if there are any forms of neglect from the nursing home. The commonly reported cases include;

  1. Physical abuse

This is the simplest form of abuse that one can quickly discover as it involves activities which harm the body. It often results in unexplainable scars, bruises, and marks on the body of a loved one. In the worst case scenarios, it could lead to burns and fractures which occur out of the blue with most facilities trying to cover up the real causes. If the elderly are highly expressive, they will also frequently mention events of being beaten, physically restrained, and being pinched as a way of forcing them to do certain activities.

  1. Mental abuse

Unlike physical abuse, it is not easy to tell of this form of abuse unless you are extra keen as it does not directly leave any mark on the body. It is mostly verbal and through actions which are meant to degrade and humiliate the elderly person. The typical results are sudden changes in mood when in the presence of certain caregivers, constant anxiety, and general fear which should always raise questions.

  1. Sexual abuse

To know the occurrences of sexually related abuse close relationship with the elderly is required as it is a hidden form of abuse. Primarily sexual abuse covers all acts whether verbal or physical against the person without their consent.

  1. Financial exploitation of the elderly

The elderly do not have the firm grasp of their assets and finances which can lead to exploitation that include unexplainable transactions, disposing of their assets, and lose or concealing of personal items.

The numerous ways in which the elderly can be subject to unwarranted living conditions necessitates the services of Cleveland nursing home abuse lawyer. The attorney should be sought immediately any signs or reports of abuse are presented given the statutes of limitations and complexities of such cases. An experienced nursing home abuse attorney is nevertheless able to beat the odds and ensure that the dignity of the elderly is never violated in any form.