What Must be included in the International Accident Report?

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It is important to determine who is to blame for the car accident. Because it depends on which insurance is responsible for the settlement of claims. An international accident report helps to pinpoint the course of the accident. All accident participants have to fill in identically.

The accident report must contain the following:

  • Date and time of the accident
  • Number of injured persons
  • Data of the participating vehicles
  • Visible damage to the vehicles
  • Contact details of the witnesses
  • Contact details of the accident participants
  • Circumstances of the accident (vehicle parked, turned left or similar)
  • Signatures of the accident participants

You should accurately document the scene of the accident: photograph the damage from different perspectives, including details such as skid marks and broken glass.

Attention: Do not sign anything that you do not understand because it could be a guilty admission that will burden you later.

The Settlement of Claims in the Case of an International Accident

If you have caused the accident yourself, your motor liability insurance covers the costs of your accident opponent. On the safe side, you are with comprehensive insurance. This pays for damage to your own car, regardless of the question of guilt. If your accident opponent is to blame, his insurance company must contact you. All US and European insurance companies in each country have a so-called claims representative. If you for example, if you are in a car accident in Italy, you can contact the insurance agent in Italy.

About the central call of the car insurer Find out which representative is responsible for you. It becomes complicated if the accident occurs in a non-EU country. It would be best to hire a personal injury lawyer. In addition, the civil service of the Federal Foreign Office supports bureaucratic hurdles abroad.

In an emergency, you can contact your country traffic victim assistance. It helps if the accident opponent has fled or is unwilling to pay for the accident caused. Although they aren’t compelled to pay compensation. But it’s worth a try. The traffic victim assistance is also the first point of contact if the opposing accident car could not be determined.

A car crash abroad is usually associated with additional costs. For example, for additional nights or the transfer of the car. Tip: Check your credit limit after a car accident.


Always have the green card and an international accident report with you.

In the event of personal injury and the unexplained guilty question always inform the police. In some countries of Eastern Europe even with minor property damage.

During the accident documentation, don’t sign a document whose contents you do not understand.