What You Need To Know AboutWhite Collar Crime?

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A nonviolent crime committed for financial motivation by professionals who are in business and or work under the government is called White-collar crime. The name white-collar was first coinedin 1939. These are the crimes committed by respectable members of the society who has good social status.

The attorneys who deal with White-collar crimes are getting busier each day. The entry of computer and cyber crimes even changes the basic structure of the justice system. More people are doing white-collar crimes, and eventually, more arrests are seen every day.The punishment and penalties are getting more severe as well these days.

Criminal attorneys,who are dealing with White-collar crime cases, are in high demand mainly the ones who have experience in federal court. The fact is that many New York White-collar attorneys are invited throughout the world to handle cases.

Federal Offenses

Federal offences committed by a white-collar criminal are carrying out fraud against the federal government. The white collar crime which crosses the boundary of one state falls under thefederal government.

Why you need a white collar criminal attorney?

A top white-collar attorney such as Elliott Sauter, PLLC, is the need for you if you are stuck in any such case. An excellentwhite collar attorney should have a good knowledge of computer frauds, hacking, or ID theft. You should hire someone from the top rated list, know how they were/are doing with their old and new cases and you should hire the best you can get. Because in most cases their experience comes into play and their expertise helps you to win the case.

What are the Types of White Collar Crimes?

  • Bank Fraud: Any illegal way of holding money, properties or assets which doesn’t belong to you but any financial business is bank fraud. If someone steals the money of a depositor by pretending to be a bank or any other financial institution is also considered bank fraud. Other than abank robbery or bank theft any other schemes made to fraud a bank is a white-collar
  • Bankruptcy Fraud: Bankruptcy is a felony is in any state’s criminal penal code.
  • Bribery:Giving money or gifts for making achange in thebehavior of the recipient is bribery.
  • Computer/Internet Fraud: Committing fraud with the help of information technology is computer/internet fraud.
  • Credit Card Fraud: Crime or fraudulence done with the help of credit card or any other payment cards is called credit card fraud.

Other white-collar frauds are:

  • Fraud crimes.
  • Export control charges.
  • Healthcare and Insurance
  • Financial crimes.
  • Investment/securities fraud.
  • Mail fraud.
  • Tax crimes.
  • Real estate fraud.
  • Money laundering.