What Are Your Family Law Concerns?

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Family legal services are needed in Yorkshire as the court deals with a large number of divorce cases per year. Not only are divorces and relationship breakdowns managed but people in family law cases need advice on financial issues, child-related issues, and problems with domestic violence.

If you currently feel that your relationship is on the verge of breaking down, you should obtain legal representation immediately. You should not wait until the situation escalates. Instead, contact a legal advocate to look at your options. In many instances, professionals who specialise in family law in Yorkshire can assist couples by referring them to mediation.

Otherwise, you can settle a relationship issue quickly. As noted, this type of legal matter often covers certain financial matters as well. Strong consideration must be given to the division of assets. Therefore, you may also need a lawyer’s input with respect to entitlements to a pension or the sale of a family property.

Parental Care

When a dissolution of marriage occurs, there may be a disagreement over parental care or where a child should live. Therefore, you need to rely on a legal professional who regularly handles these types of issues.

Applying for an Injunction

In some cases, domestic violence or abuse may enter into a divorce or family dispute. If you have suffered from domestic violence, you need to retain legal representation immediately. Emergency assistance includes applying for an injunction to guarantee a client’s personal safety or the safety of her children. Therefore, family matters can be urgent or less involved. Whatever your particular issue, you will find that working with a lawyer can make a family law matters more positive.

What You Need to Show Before Filing for Divorce

To file for a divorce in the UK, you must show that the marriage is irretrievably broken and cannot be repaired. To do this, you must show the following:

  • Your spouse engaged in sexual relations with another woman or man whilst he or she was married to you.
  • Your spouse’s behaviour was not reasonable, which led to the permanent breakdown of your relationship.
  • Your spouse has deserted you. He or she cannot be located and has not contacted you for a minimum of two years.
  • You have both agreed to a separation and have been separated for two years.
  • You have been separated for five years. In this case, consent is not required.

To begin the divorce petition, a wife or husband must begin the process through the local county court system. By taking this action, one of the parties is confirming that the marriage has concluded. You also want to see a lawyer in case you are not married and your relationship is broken. Doing so will help safeguard you legally.