How to Tell When You Need a Divorce

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Statistics say that one out of every two marriages end in a divorce these days. You would think with those kinds of odds that most of us can tell when our marriage is headed for the trash heap. But sadly, many couple will often slog on far beyond the point of no return, hoping that they are not going to be part of that very disheartening statistic. Sometimes it is a wife who fears she cannot make it on her own financially.

Sometimes it is a husband who has heard the horror stories of child support from friends or is afraid he will lose the ability to see his children. Often it is the children themselves, the fear that a divorce will leave them scarred for life. But the bottom line is that when a marriage begins to crack apart, most of us will try to keep it glued together in any way we can rather than face the fear, uncertainty and sheer loneliness of divorce. But that doesn’t mean you can put it off forever. The first step to seeing if divorce is the right solution is to find professional help.

Talk to a Lawyer

It may sound scary to think of talking to a lawyer about this, but it is in your best interests to find out the truth and find it out sooner rather than later. You will find that Ken Phillips Law provides help with divorce and more and can help you through the initial process and beyond. That is because finding out what you need to do and how to do it can empower anyone considering divorce to find the right solutions. Sometimes you will find that once you have a good legal sounding board for these decisions, you will be able to make them with real peace of mind.

But how do you get there in the first place? Here are a few signs to watch for:

  • Anger – Do you find yourself or your partner often expressing anger over small things? When we feel cornered or trapped in a relationship we can often lash out unexpectedly. If you find that either of you tends to be angry easier, find a time to sit down together and talk it out. The truth of how each of you feel may point to a need to move on in your lives in new ways.
  • Loneliness – Sometimes when a marriage is not working out but neither partner wants to admit it, one of them will find excuses to not come home for days or even weeks at a time. Suddenly work is really busy or that sport group needs to go on the road more often. You will find yourself lonely even when you are with that partner. These are all signs that it is time to discuss ending the relationship.
  • Withdrawal – Even if they are not gone from the home physically, a partner may withdraw from the life you two have shared in the past. It could be as simple as not being very talkative when they come home from work. They may spend all their time watching television, playing video games such as Minecraft or worst of all, sleeping. These are all signs of withdrawing from the relationship and should be taken seriously. If that withdrawal is being done by you, ask yourself why. This is simply an avoidance of what is obvious to both of you at this point. It is time to move on.