Gel Nails – Here is a complete maintenance guide!

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Among Gen Z and millennial beauty enthusiasts, nail salons are enjoying a contemporary rebirth. Nail care and styling are now guaranteed expenses in monthly beauty budgets. This has been observed by salons.

Whether you need a quick manicure or to reapply gel polish, there is a place to suit all of your nail demands. Additionally, getting your nails done has come to symbolize a lifestyle that emphasizes self-care.

Yes, in addition to receiving lovely extensions, you are also discussing your heart and soul with your favorite therapist who also happens to be your favorite nail tech. But what should you do following the application of a new layer of gel polish?

The Procedure of Gel Nails

Let’s first examine the procedure for gel nails before moving on to other topics. Compared to ordinary manicures, gel manicures require more steps, specifically:

  • Firstly, nail shaping, trimming, and removal of old lacquer is done.
  • Then the nails are soaked in the water to prepare the cuticles for removal by cutting them.
  • After completely washing and buffing the nails to get rid of any debris, the leftover polish is removed.
  • A base coat is applied after applying a primer to dry out the nails.
  • After the base color is done, nails are ready for any kind of nail art.
  • At the end a topcoat is done to seal the look.

After each coat, the nails are put under the UV light for at least 80 seconds to cure. The gel polish layer is toughened to prevent them from smearing as easily as regular nails. After fully drying, the gel nails last for at least a week.

The length of your nails is unimportant when applying gel nails; they can be applied to either natural or synthetic nails.

How to – Maintenance and Cure of Gel Nails

Depending on how well you take care of your nails during this period, the quality of your gel nail color will endure for 2 to 3 weeks. It would be prudent to abide by a few guidelines to prevent damaging both the appearance of your nail art and your real nails. Maintenance and Cure is very important!

  1. Discuss your issues with the nail technician before the process

When getting your nails done at the salon, there is no shame in discussing all of your problems. Before beginning the procedure, enquire about the manicurist’s qualifications, safety procedures, sanitization guidelines, and sterilizing methods.

  1. Use sunscreen

Before heading to your spa session, don’t forget to cover your hands and nails in sunscreen that has a least SPF of 30. Your skin will be shielded by the sunscreen from the UV light used to seal the gel coat.

  1. moisturize your nails frequently.

Apply cuticle creams or gels to your nails in between every two coats of lacquer to moisturize your nails. Your nails will last longer, become less brittle, and not chip as a result of the creams.

  1. Take regular polish breaks.

After receiving gel nails, wait at least a week to ten days before applying any type of nail color or paint. You may give your nails a gloss and nurture them at the same time by using base coats that are protein-rich. Before the next manicure, give the nails a chance to breathe and heal.

  1. Visit a nail salon to get your gel manicure removed.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have the gel nails professionally removed. Try to avoid removing the gels at home, no matter how persuasive the DIY instructions are.


When removing the gel nails, only dip your fingertips in the acetone. Cotton balls soaked in acetone would be the most effective removal method. To prevent damage to your gel nails, use a second topcoat, stay out of hot baths, use cuticle oils, and wear rubber gloves when cleaning or preparing food.