Florida Negligent Security Law: Here is what you need to know

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In June 2006, an armed man walked into a nightclub in Orlando and shot up the venue. He killed 49 people in the process. This is the deadliest mass shooting since 9/11. You must be wondering whether or not the nightclub was to blame in any way. Well, the nightclub was not directly responsible but did its security team or lack of security allow such a sad event to happen? Generally, this is a common question that most patrons of facilities have suffered attacks are concerned about.

Often, negligent security cases encompass the failure of facility owners to implement reasonable or the right security measures to keep their patrons safe from crime. If you are a victim of negligent security, according to Dolan Dobrinsky Rosenblum, you should consult with a reliable attorney to help you prove your case. Also, the attorney can help you get fair compensation for damages and injuries accrued at the hands of criminals.

Inadequate security in a business facility

According to the Florida State law, business owners are not responsible for the crimes that might occur in their premises. But if the business is located in an area susceptible to crime, or crime happen regularly in the facility in question, the law requires the property owner to implement the right security measures to prevent and even deter future crimes from happening.

Some of these reasonable measures include the installation of security cameras, utilizing security teams, installing better lighting, and having the right locks on entrances. Failure to set up the measures is considered a breach of a duty of care, and according to the law, it is negligence.

Negligent security

An example of negligent security would be when a hotel or motel fails to secure or lock their outside doors properly, thereby facilitating easy access to criminals who can harm the guests. Another case of security negligence would be when a gas station fails to use security cameras to ward off robbery attempts. If a patron is injured or hurt as a result of an armed robbery in such a facility, the owner may be accused of negligent security.

Note that instances of negligent or improper security can occur nearly everywhere. While a property owner is not directly liable for the crimes that happen in their business premises, he or she should take reasonable measures to prevent crime. In fact, if the property owner is aware of all the risks and fails to take the necessary security measures, the law holds them accountable.

Seek legal advice

As much as some instances of business property robbery and other crimes might be beyond your control, the law requires you to play your part effectively. Install the right security cameras, provide adequate lighting, and take all other necessary security measures that can prevent crime. If you are facing negligent security charges or you are a victim of negligent security, seek legal help. Experienced lawyers understand these issues more than you do and they can help in many ways.