How Much Compensation Can You Get for an Accident at Work?

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Have you suffered injuries from an accident within your workplace? Do you work at a licensed and insured company? You can be compensated for the injury and any other loss you may suffer as a result of the accident. However, there is no exact figure for a claim as accidents may differ depending on various factors. The first factor is the extent of the injury. Although two accidents may occur at the same workplace, the level of injury will definitely be different. The other factor is the level of pain suffered. The claim may also be determined by medical costs incurred for treatment.

How to start an accident at work compensation claim

Where do you start after being injured at work? Accident at work claims can be complicated. You need a legal expert to help you gather evidence and the necessary documents to succeed in your claim. First, a legal expert will need incident details such as the name of your place of work, location, physical address and contact info. You also need to provide your personal details including name, DOB, phone number and address. How did the accident happen? What caused the accident? Did you seek medical care? Have you lost any income as a result of the accident?

Does my accident qualify for compensation?

There are different types of accidents at work. However, the major categories are fatal and non-fatal accidents. The most common accidents at work are scolding and serious burns, loss of sight or impaired hearing, amputation, hyperthermia, head injury and fractures to major body parts.

It is however important to note that employers are only responsible and liable if the accident could have been prevented. You cannot claim compensation for an accident as a result of your own negligence. This is the most complicated part of accident at work compensation claims. Due to the complex nature of these claims, it is advisable to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you.

Luckily, specialists such as, professional personal injury solicitors,can help you seek compensation for accident at work injuries on a No Win No Fee basis. After providing the necessary documents, you are free to continue with your daily working schedule. Reputable solicitors will follow up your case and professionally represent you to be awarded the most valuable compensation claim.

You can seek compensation for minor or major industrial injuries. However, you need the assistance of a reliable personal injury solicitor to help you with the compensation process. Legal experts will argue your case to prove that your employer is liable for your injuries. They will also seek compensation for any financial loss such as medical and travel expenses you may have incurred for treatment.